Saturday, March 22, 2008
Team outing, yet again...

Last Friday after work, my team and I went for a Seafood Buffet at a restaurant at Sunway. The place is just opposite the Sunway Pyramid and I believe the restaurant's name is Yuen Steamboats. No worries, they serve Halal food.

They have very nice and fresh seafood buffet here, with one of the cheapest per head charge around. For only RM18.80 per person, you can have as many seafood you can have, plus BBQ Chicken Wings, Kuihs, Vegetables, Fried Mihun, Fried Rice, fruits, and ice-creams.

I had six round of meals and actually can go for more!

Here are the pictures from the outing. Not all of the team can make it, most probably due to heavy rain. And we got two people from the office which are not in the team as well. I'm glad Salmi Suhana can join us for the event  :)

1.JPG Salmi having a hard time with her coconut (drink...)

Sundaram concentrating on the food

Puvan actually poses well in this picture

Still bright outside, and we are having dinner!

Looks like the chicks checking out Puvan's ice-cream

Hey, stop eating really soon?

Happy people...  with full stomachs...

Winson still enjoying Salmi's acquaintance

Next time, DO NOT put crabs with clamps into the boiler.

OMG! Get a proper ear piercing tool!

Vinod and Kak Fiza

Sundaram with his nice shirt

The victims (sorry Chuck...)

This is actually my 5th plate

Aftermath, with all the dead crustaceans...  (again, sorry Chuck...)

By the way, for those who didn't know, Chuck is a Vegetarian...

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Sunday, March 02, 2008
Celebrating Oldness

Last night my family and I went out to Satay Kajang Hj. Samuri to celebrate my birthday and also my sister's. My birthday was on the 21st February and my sister's was on the 28th February, but we decided to celebrate it together and at a later time. And I'm the one buying!

And for birthdays, we must have a cake! It's just a small cake though, for we are to eat a bunch of Satay...

A picture before the meal


Birthday girl...going on 33!

Birthday boy...going on 26!

The food costs only RM109 inclusive of three jugs of drinks. Cheap, eh? So, people, go eat Satay Kajang!

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Friday, February 29, 2008

Nothing is what it looks like until we got it into the correct perspective.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Election fever

I dont' know exactly why, but this year's General Election is somewhat mediocore compared to the last time we had an election in 2004. Or the one in 1999 for that matter. Either the ruling party being extra confident, or the opposing parties had conceded defeat even before the whistle is blown.

In my observation through newspapers and other media, I found that both sides have their own troubles. Weaknesses. The ruling party have many issues in many states, mainly the contest to be Mentri Besar in Perlis and Chief Minister in Penang. Major shuffle in seats allocation also head the news, besides dropped incumbent seat holders and moves from Federal to State or vice versa.

The opposition, however have issues with loyalty among seat incumbents and negotiations between opposing parties, besides having the same issues with the ruling party. The opposition, made out of a few political parties, had never agreed to one goal or one consensus. The ruling party, meanwhile, is actually a coalition made of 14 political parties that transcends racial barrier. They have been a coalition for 52 years now, even older than the age of the country herself.

For me, I'm satisfied with my current status quo, economically and socially. Having to say that, I'm not fully satisfied with how the Government work and how they handle few major issues. Back with Tun Dr. Mahathir, the Government had clearer goals, and never hide anything when explaining or justifying their actions.

Personally, I think of Tun's Government to be result-oriented.

Anyways, good luck for participating candidates. Although we are not expecting the change of Government in the near future, I hope whoever becomes the Member of Parliament can do their job efficiently. Do your job with the people in mind.

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Monday, February 25, 2008
Being a team player

Well. Work is doing great. Everybody in the office are getting better and better with each other. I'm expecting a salary raise due to confirmation of my permanent post at the company. I've created another blog just to put pictures of my colleagues,
but sadly some people expecting the pictures to be in this blog. It' just that we cannot
open up pages that are not company-endorsed, we have to find a way around it and
comes up with a blog page. My colleagues even created a new one, and expect everybody to contribute. Yeah right. Anyways, here are pictures from our trip to Port Dickson last month on the 18th of January.

Poor horses at PD. No one riding them. I was just having picture taken with Cetong and his 'friend'

Me and Henry having coconut drink

Syuk and Jason enjoying the breeze

Starting up the BBQ. Inba is stretching his back

Happy Photographer

Group picture before hitting the beach

Syuk : This is MY Gen2 !   Everybody : We don't care!

Jason's first egg slam of his 26th year living

Jason celebrated his birthday TWICE with all of us, as we celebrate his birthday at PD and at the office as well together with birthday babies for January. Lucky him. Nobody even realise it's my birthday on the 21st of February besides Waheeda, Syuk and Wandi. Anyways, here are the pictures from January birthday bash. We always have pizzas, the only thing different is the cake. Cheers!

Syuk :"THAT"S A CAKE ?!!"    Winson :"WHAT THE... ?!!"    Puvan : "Hmmm...cake..."

Eating people are happy people... (huh?)

Explain this in one word

Joel's last day with us. He looks damn happy leaving the company!

This picture is from early January, if you take a look carefully, you'd notice we ALWAYS have pizzas
This was candid, really

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