Tuesday, May 12, 2009
A Trip To Pangkor

Recently my family and I visited Pangkor. I've never been to Pangkor before and I jump at the chance to go there. Besides, there's a full-fledged naval base there at Pangkor. The same goes when I passed by Butterworth, Kuantan, or Port Dickson - military bases excites me.

We tried to get a cheap chalet for the trip to teach the kids a little bit of vacation humbleness. But they didn't take it. They monitor the Pangkor trip as we plan it. They make sure we got a cozy bus, both when we depart and come back to KL; they make sure they won't be holding the camera so that they'll have abundant of pictures to put on their myspaces; and finally they make sure that we'll get a good place to stay.

Then the compromise was a fairly priced budget hotel - with a swimming pool! The kids would never survived a trip without a swimming pool.

A big breakfast before departing to Pangkor.

At Lumut Jetty. They have a nice jetty complex over there.

On the ferry's outer deck. Sakinah is already hungry.

Another one on the deck.

My first picture with KD Indera Sakti. The pictures of other battleships are on my defence blog.

Teluk Nipah main road. They promoted 'Senyumanku di Pulau Pangkor", but I'm telling you, Pangkor people are not the friendliest kind. Maybe that's why it's 'Senyumanku' not 'Senyumanmu'...

Teluk Nipah @ Nipah Bay.

Went for a treacherous snorkeling at the neighbouring island. Snorkeling + Pangkor = Not the best experience.

Boat riding circling the island.

Arrived back at Teluk Nipah a la amphibious landing. I'm now officially a Marine...

At the entrance of one out of two dried fish and seafood products factory in Pangkor.

Here are the dried seafood. You'll stop eating anchovies if you see how they processed it.

A miniature model of the Great Wall of China.

Inscripted Stone of Pangkor. A legay of the Dutch putting their stamp of claim on the island.

Nice art.

The Dutch Fort. Or what's left of it.

This is not the real cannon. The real one is on display at the Pasir Salak History Complex.

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