Thursday, May 29, 2008
Port Dickson (...again)

Well, some of my friends might know that my family an I have had quite a frequent trips to Port Dickson. This year alone we've been there for three times, mainly for vacation. Last week on the 17th I went there again, this time at the Tiara Beach Resort. I applied for annual leave until the Tuesday.

My sister and her family were having family day with her co-workers, so my siblings decided that why don't we bring the extended family members as well. 2 in 1. Mission accomplished.

It's a nice place, claiming to be having the largest man-made beach in Malaysia. Now I believe the Mines Beach Resort have the official title. The pool covers around half of the land mass inside the resort, but unfortunately very shallow. I swam everyday that I start coughing for a week. At the time when I'm writing this, the cough have been cured already.

After two days at the resort, we head for Ayer Keroh to my eldest brother's house in Tasik Utama. We spent the time around Bandar Melaka and play bowl at the Mahkota Parade, which I went last when I studied in Malacca back in 2001.

Me and the kids at the main waterfall

Me, Sakinah and Amir

Me, Syafiq and Siddiq at the Tiara Beach boulevard at night

My sister, Syafiq and Siddiq at the dinner at the resort's ballroom

Me and Amir in front of the gym

Again in front of the gym

The pool behind us is the deepest in the whole resort, only at 1.2 metres deep...

After 10 o'clock, there will be so many people that you cannot swim without running into other people

Tiara Beach Resort main reception

The Tiara Beach Resort boulevard

A solo picture of mine

Hazim looking dull as he cannot play. He cannot even lift a 7 pound ball!

The family get-together...

My first actual picture inside Mahkota Parade

Afiqah Bariza looks very much like her brother Dzakwan. She cry a lot as well nowadays...

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